It’s a Bloggers Life!

We’ve recently joined forces with another gorgeous #GIRLBOSS, Jade, a 22 year old blogger from Norwich who has been blogging and creating content on Instagram for 2 years now, and have really found it to be a positive influence on people. Outside of blogging, Jade is currently a student in her final year at University, and going into primary teacher training next year! Exciting times ahead.

What was it that made you get in to Blogging?

I first started out blogging 2 years ago. I was traveling to a lot of different places and I would find friends messaging me on Facebook about my experience in all these difference places, with advice on what to do and where to stay. So, I thought it would be easier to create a blog and write about my experiences for everyone to read. I found that my blog was limited after a few months with only being travel based so I started blogging about lifestyle too. Just recently I have tipped my toes into the fashion sector of blogging which I’m finding that I really enjoy.

What are your favourite topics to blog about?

I love sharing about my travel experiences, because everyone gets excited about holidays & trips away. However, right now I’m focusing my blog on lifestyle (in the form of flatlay photography because I really need to get better at these and practice makes perfect!) and fashion posts.

Do you have daily routines that help you relax and focus?

One thing that I do 5 days out of 7 is go to the gym and workout. It helps me mentally and physically, I always feel productive when I get home afterwards. I tend to try and get myself in a positive mind frame and set myself daily goals to what I need to achieve otherwise I find it hard to stay focused. When I have chance for a bath, I also love to have a candle lit bath with some acoustic music playing in the background for that all round relaxation.

What makes you smile and happy?

I have many things that make me smile and happy, the list could go on forever. My friends and family make me happy. My crazy, crazy dog makes me smile all of the time because of the stupid things he does. The support I get for my blog & Instagram from the blogging community make me feel unbelievably happy. Pick & Mix sweets definitely holds a place in my heart for happiness. But also, I’m a big believer in making yourself happy. I try to do lots of things for myself, to achieve or to make myself a better person and when I achieve or accomplish those things, I feel happy.

Are you a white and minimalist kind of gal or do you prefer black and chic?

I’d probably say white and minimalist. Simple, but powerful. Love it.

How do you find your inspiration for your posts and product photography?

I have a lot of friends who are in the blogging community and they are a huge inspiration, we always have group chats running trying to post a variety of things each month and support one another along the way. I also follow a various of different hashtags on Instagram for product photography and I find sometimes I can get a creative block and by looking a lots of different photos that a range of people have posted (not always bloggers) you can get then spark your own creativity and ideas start to flow.

Which of the Fern & Coco products are your go to favorites and why?

My favourite Fern & Coco product so far is the #GIRLBOSS Black Pomegranate candle. The smell is absolutely incredible. The most amazing thing about these candles are how real to life the smell is, sometimes you can buy candles and when you light them they do not smell strong, however, the black pomegranate fills the room with a warm, delightful smell which brings a calming aroma.

You can find out more about Jade and her passions at –