hygge [hue-guh]
origin – Norway, Denmark

1.life moments brimming with happiness,
comfort, loved ones, favourite things,
beautiful places; 2. savouring the present
moments; 3. the good life

Enjoy making memories with your family and friends, introduce new things to your life that make you smile and fill your heart with warmth. Learn a new skill but no matter what changes you make, no matter how big or small it’s about the way it makes you feel.

Take some time out of your hectic life, find that lifestyle scent that relaxes you or a scent that fills you with happiness and good vibes. Have some down time and switch off, I mean really switch off (but not your internet just yet, finish reading our blog first!) Take the dog for a walk, run a bath, put on your favourite film or go for a yoga session. Anything to take your mind away from the daily roundabout even for just one hour.

Our Hygge:

  1. Laughter with family and friends over a meal and glass of wine.
  2. Dancing in the kitchen on your own whilst cooking or in our case creating our candles!
  3. Taking Coco for long walks through the woodlands.
  4. Listening to the rain outside, something that takes me back to childhood memories and my father telling stories.